Company “RENT A MINIBUS” Ltd

Offers excellently maintained rental buses, minivans, luxury SUVs, auto platforms
and roadside assistance cars at extremely reasonable prices.

  • Cargo minibuses – from BGN 90/per day.
  • Passenger minivans (8+1) – from BGN 90/per day.
  • SUVs (6+1) and (4+1) – from BGN 130/per day.
  • Auto Platform – price BGN 50/per day.
  • Roadside assistance car – price BGN 150/per day.


• Unlimited mileage per day
• All types of insurance and vignette sticker
• Roadside assistance in case of an accident
• Replacement vehicle within 3 working days
• Tire damage coverage - deductible up to BGN 200
• Rim damage coverage - deductible up to BGN 350
• Standard coverage plus:
• Tire damage coverage up to BGN 70
• Wheel damage waiver
• Exemption from liability in the event of a traffic accident in compliance with the Civil Code